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How much does it cost?

Trip Rates1
Registration Fee $35
Per Minute $0.41
Per Hour Maximum $14.99
Per Day Maximum $84.99
Per Mile After 150 Mile Per Trip $0.45
Driver Protection Fee $1.00 + tax

The more you drive, the cheaper it gets. One hour costs a maximum of $14.99, and a full 24 hours is no more than $84.99. See full pricing chart above.For only 41 cents a minute, parking, fuel, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, GPS navigation, 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance are all included. You only pay for the minutes you’re holding on to the car. And the charges are billed directly to your credit card.

And there are no hidden costs, security deposits, monthly fees or charges. Finally, you can go for a ride without being taken for one.

1. Subject to 10% county rental tax if trip started within Lane County.

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